Tours & Experiences

  • Galera Wine Tour

    Galera Wine Tour

    Spain is now the largest producer of wine in the world as production increases by 41% surpassing both the French…
  • Galera Historic Tour

    Galera Historic Tour

    Galera Museum. This fascinating museum is located in the former chapel of the Convent of the Sisters of Christ the…
  • Galera Tapas Tour

    Galera Tapas Tour

    Tapas was invented in Andalucia and legend tells us that original tapas were a purely practical solution. A slice of…
  • Alhambra Palace in Granada

    Alhambra Palace in Granada

    The Alhambra a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994, was constructed as a fortress in 889. It was converted into…
Loving Galera in Spain.