Tours & Experiences

  • Ultimate Cave Experience

    Ultimate Cave Experience

    Find out what it really is like to stay in a cave set into the rock of the mountain. COMING…
  • Galera Wine Tour

    Galera Wine Tour

    Spain is now the largest producer of wine in the world as production increases by 41% surpassing both the French…
  • Galera & Huesca Tapas Tour

    Galera & Huesca Tapas Tour

    Tapas was invented in Andalucia and legend tells us that original tapas were a purely practical solution. A slice of…
  • Olive Oil Tour in Granada

    Olive Oil Tour in Granada

    Spain is the world largest producer of Olive Oil and 80% of the total Spanish production is from Andalucia. Take…
  • Alhambra Palace in Granada

    Alhambra Palace in Granada

    The Alhambra a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994, was constructed as a fortress in 889. It was converted into…
  • Spanish Cooking School in Granada

    Spanish Cooking School in Granada

    The Escuela de Cocina is run by professional chef Javier Vilchez and is located in the heart of Granada. Javier…
Loving Galera in Granada, Spain.